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Long Live Access!

Great article on Access, read through to the end to understand the merits of Access.

Another Merger

Another interesting merger! and Compdata July 2018. Read about it here.

Access remains popular!

I think of Access as the tool to use when Excel isn’t the best solution. There are projects you would … Read More

Access vs Excel

This is a great, short article comparing Microsoft Access and Excel, spreadsheet vs database: Excel Vs. Access – Can a … Read More

PayScale buys MarketPay

Well this was very interesting, who would have predicted this? I haven’t used either, but have certainly seen the advertising … Read More

I develop solutions that empower Compensation professionals

My expertise, and what I truly enjoy, is developing, implementing, managing and supporting compensation systems and programs.

Previously I developed and marketed Survey Sense®, a Microsoft® Access-based software to manage compensation and Salary Plan Solution™ to streamline salary planning.

Salary Source

I recently developed Salary Source™, a new compensation application that streamlines the market pricing process and fits every Human Resources budget.

  • Market Price a Job
  • Market Price Many Jobs
  • Participate in Surveys
  • Match Jobs
  • View Employee Data
  • View Survey Results