Each place I visited in the past is listed below with dates and comments.

Working for an airline many years ago allowed me to travel for free!





Alaska 7/84 Definitely will return some day, by cruise ship up the inside passage. A must see state.
Atlanta, Georgia 1979 High school band trip, 6 Flags.
Bar Harbor, Maine 4/02, 4/03 Acadia National Park is a nice 2-3 day trip. April is a bit chilly and things aren’t all open yet, but less expensive to visit than in summer.
Bermuda 6/86, 9/86, 10/92 Not the best place to bring kids, a great get away for romance though. Beaches are as nice as Hawaii.
Chicago 4/04 Another great city to visit just for the food, especially deep dish pizza!
Denver, Colorado 1/90, 3/2018 Best skiing I’ve ever experienced at Copper Mt. Also Breckenridge and Keystone. Winter Park skiing March 2018.
Ft. Myers, Florida 4/93 Just another Florida destination…
Glacier National Park, Whitefish, Montana 7-8/03, 8/04, 2/05, 9/05, 8/06 Awesome! See also Waterton National Park, Canada. Would love to own a log cabin in Montana. Where to stay: Hidden Moose Lodge, Ptarmigan Village, Pine Lodge or North Forty Resort. I will return again and again!
Lake Placid & Lake George, New York 7/08 Whiteface Mountain is awesome even in summer. Took the ferry across Lake Champlain to Burlington, VT as an alternative driving route.
Las Vegas, Nevada 5/87, 5/98, 2/04 Makes a fun mini vacation; inexpensive, although recently things seem to be more expensive…
Longboat Key, Florida 6/97 Excellent relaxation at The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort; the only area in Florida I really like (the Gulf Coast).
Los Angeles, California 7/2016 Burbank, Highway 1, Big Sur, Carmel, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Redondo Beach; watch out for those LA drivers!
New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine too many to list If you can ski NH/VT, you can ski anywhere! Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard 7/2010; North Conway 7/2014; Kittery and Ogunquit Maine 7/2015
Miami, Florida 2/85 Not anxious to go back.
Minnesota – St. Paul, Minneapolis 9/84, 8/86, 8/87, 7/88, 6/89, 6/90, 9/92, 4/93, 7/94, 7/95, 8/97, 8/98, 2/00, 7/00, 7/03 Don’t miss the Mall of America!
Nantucket, Massachusetts 8/86 Nice day trip.
Naples, Florida 11/2007, 2/2010, 7/2013, 2/2015, 1/2016, 3/2016, 12/2016 Super Florida destination.
New Orleans, Louisiana 5/84, 6/86, 4/87, 4/88, 4/94 More fun in my younger days. Great food and jazz, of course.
New York City 12/98, 7/2011, 7/2012 Also Hoboken, NJ to see Carlos Bakery
Orlando, Florida 1978, 1/89, 3/90, 9/93, 4/94 Go if you must and haven’t been yet. Personally, I have no more desire to see Orlando, Disney, etc.
Philadelphia 8/2012 Just a quick 2 day trip
Phoenix, Arizona 8/89 Quick trip to get away from the cold!
San Antonio, Texas 2/03, 7/2018 Great 2-3 day mini-vacation spot, terrific food! Stay in a hotel on the Riverwalk. July 2018 for DCI show at Alamodome.
San Diego, California 5/90, 4/92, 6/02 Very nice area. Kids loved LegoLand. The Zoo and Wild Animal Park are OK. I prefer National Parks to amusement parks and zoos.
San Francisco, California 1/88, 4/89, 7/90, 7/91 Don’t miss wine country.
Seattle, Washington 10/91, 6/97 Hoh Rain Forest was spectacular.
South Dakota – Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, Badlands and Wind Cave Nat’l Parks 6/06 Custer State Park was the highlight. Glad I saw it all but once is enough.
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 12/90 Ski country!
Tampa, Florida 1984, 10/85, 12/86, 6/97 Nice area, if you must go to Florida.
Washington, D.C. 1975, 4/84, 4/85, 8/86, 6/93, 8/09 Visit when the cherry blossoms are in bloom; good 2-3 day trip.
West Palm Beach, Florida 3/84, 6/85, 3/86, 8/86 What ever happened to you Bob P…oh, I found you!
Williamsburg, Virginia 4/96 Didn’t leave an impression.
Yellowstone and Grand Teton Nat’l Parks 7-8/01 Trip of a lifetime! Will return for sure.
Zion National Park, Utah 2/04 Amazing area! Also visited Valley of Fire and Las Vegas.


Alberta/Canadian Rockies – Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper 7/00 Majestic, equal to Alaska in beauty, may return to Lake Louise in winter for skiing.
British Columbia – Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino & Pacific Rim NP, Whistler, Kamloops, Golden – Mount Revelstoke NP, Glacier NP, Yoho NP, Kootenay NP, Lake Louise 7/05 Glad I saw it all. Whistleris over developed. I enjoy US National Parks more than Canadian National Parks.
Montreal, Quebec 8/81, 8/82, 7/86 Spectator at Drum Corps International, ’81 and ’82
Waterton National Park 7-8/03 See also Glacier National Park. I prefer the US park to the Canadian.


Amsterdam 10/93 Not crazy about this city.
Dublin, Ireland 10/93 Didn’t leave a big impression.
Germany 8/85, 9/89, 2/2007 Hope to return again and again.
London/Bath, England 10/84 I liked Bath better than London.
Luxembourg 8/85 Drove to from Germany, very interesting place.
Scotland 4/84 Didn’t leave a big impression.


Big Island, Hawaii 10/91 Runner up.
Kauai, Hawaii 10/88 Number 1 island, in my opinion. Beautiful.
Maui, Hawaii 9/90, 9/94 Go if you haven’t been yet.
Oahu, Hawaii 3/85, 8/86 The other islands are better.
San Juan, Puerto Rico 1/86 Almost didn’t make it home, all flights overbooked…


Seoul, Korea 3/86 Wonderful place to shop! Very clean and safe when I went.