Services - Short & Long-term Consulting Projects


  • Job analysis and evaluation
  • Market pricing and competitive analysis
  • Survey participation
  • Salary planning and administration
  • Annual market analysis
  • Bonus and executive incentive plans

Human Resource Systems

  • Project planning, leadership, and management
  • Evaluation and selection
  • Analysis and design
  • Development and configuration
  • Testing and documentation
  • Implementation and training

Custom Solutions

Applications are developed exclusively for your organization to meet your specific requirements.

Focused on compensation, they can help you decide how much to pay your employees.

From a simple spreadsheet to a full-scale relational database management system, areas addressed may include:

  • Base salaries and pay ranges
  • Market pricing and analysis
  • Merit and salary planning
  • Bonus calculation and administration

Built using familiar software, such as Microsoft Access and Excel, solutions typically average 8-10 weeks to implement and require little or no support after installation. And, clients are free to modify all systems using their own internal resources.

If needed, Denise provides detailed User Guides and personally trains and supports clients. Pricing can range from a low of $2000 for a quick solution to $25,000+ for a complex application.


Microsoft Access and Excel training, seminars, and guidance for HR


Database and spreadsheet troubleshooting, redesign, and upgrades